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AGES team-members have in individual capacity displayed excellent performance on different projects undertaken by renowned national and international firms. They have accordingly gained sufficient experience in taking projects related to irrigation, drainage, hydropower, dams, roads, bridges, buildings, tunneling, environment, water supply and sanitation etc. right from feasibility and planning towards successful completion.

AGES staff are familiar with international standards and local regulatory codes prevailing in different geographic areas of the world. The educational and working background of the staff has provided the firm with an integrated and diversified resource enabling it to develop and expand. The individual expertise thus enables the firm to offer a scope of services tailored to the varying requirements of different clients. Specialized training, the maturity of its professionals and the height of their technical experience are reflected in the firm's successful accomplishment of all its assignments throughout the working span of AGES.

This diversified individual experience augmented by dynamic management has combined into a team that is fully capable of undertaking any assignment of technical and managerial nature at a higher pace with precision and quality.

Name Qualification Area of Experience Year of Graduation Portfolio
Eng. Alamgir Khan M.Sc. Rock Mechanics Geo-tech / Mining Engineering 1988 View Profile
Eng. Nasir-ul-Mulk M. Sc. Environmental Engg. Irrigation, Hydropower & Infrastructure 1994 View Profile
Eng. Aziz-ul-Haq M. Sc. Environmental Engg. Irrigation, Infrastructure & Contract Management 1994 View Profile
Eng. Tariq Khurshid M.Sc. Environmental Engg. Buildings & Water Supply 1994 View Profile
Eng. Zahoor Ahmad M.Sc. Water Resources & Environmental Engg. Irrigation, Hydropower & Dams 1995 View Profile
Eng. Rahat Ali Khan M.Sc. Environmental Engg. Irrigation, Hydropower & Dams 1995 View Profile
Eng. Mukhtar Muhammad B.Sc. Civil Engineering GIS Expert / Construction Supervision 1995 View Profile
Eng. S. Khalil Hussain B.Sc. Civil Engineering Contracts Management & Construction Supervision 1965
Eng. Iftikhar ud din B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Electrical Design, Hydropower, Grid stations & transmission lines 1973
Eng. Naseer Muhammad Khan M.A.Sc. Civil Engineering (Canada) Roads, Tunnels, Bridges & Geo-Tech Investigations 1973
Eng. Zia Hussain Shah M.Sc. Water Recourses Engineering Hydrology, Irrigation, Hydropower & Dams 1996
Eng. Qazi Amanullah B.Sc. Civil Engineering Roads & Buildings 1968
Eng. Saeed Rehman B.Sc. Civil Engineering Irrigation, Agriculture and Dams 1971
Eng. Muhammad Kaleem Nasir M.Sc. Highway Engineering Roads & Buildings 1971
Eng. Saleem Raza M.Sc. Civil Engineering Construction Supervision 1974
Eng. Gul Mohammad Khosa M.Sc. Environmental Engineering Environmental compliance 1974
Eng. Tahir Kamran Marwat B.Sc. Civil Engineering Project Management, Construction Supervision 1993
Mr. Shabir Ahmed M.Sc. Environmental & Soil Science Environment & Soil 1985
Eng. Assad Ali Khan M.Sc. Civil Engineering Environment 1999
Mr. Ejaz Ahmad Khan M.Sc Gelogy Geo-Technical 1975
Mr. Murad Ali Shah M.Sc. Geology Engineering Geology 1976
Eng. Fakhr-uz-Zaman M.Sc. Structure Construction Supervision 1994
Mr. Gul Zada M.Sc. Geology Material & Lab Testing 1997
Eng. Inayatullah Shah B.Sc. Civil Engineering Roads & Buildings 1975
Eng. Muhammad Shafiq Afridi B.Sc. Civil Engineering Hydropower 1975
Eng. Muhammad Shahid Jan B.Sc. Civil Engineering Road & Building Supervision 1995
Eng. Sibtul Hassan M.Sc. Water Resources Hydropower Design 1999
Eng. Muhammad Ishaq M.Sc. Structure Structure Design 1998
Mr. Abdul Zubaid Khan Survey Diploma Survey 1980
Eng. Saqib Sarwar B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 1993
Mr. Aurangzeb Khan DAE Civil Construction Material 1996
Eng. Muhammad Ashraf B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 1998
Eng. Mohammad Naeem B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 1999
Eng. Muhammad Ilyas B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 2001
Eng. Khan Sardar B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 2005
Eng. Muhammad Umer Azeem M.Sc. Water Resources Design 2006
Mr. Muhammad Jameel M.Sc. Geology Geology 2008
Eng. Atif ul Haq B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 2008
Eng. Abid Iqbal B.Sc. Civil Engineering Supervision 2008
Eng. Amer Sher M.Sc. Construction Mangement Construction Mangement 2004
Syed Mohammad Azam Shah B.Sc. Quality Control 1975
Eng. Baber Alam M.Sc. Water Resources Irrigation, Agriculture and Dams 2001