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AGES is a professional registered engineering firm staffed and organized to provide multi-disciplinary engineering consulting services.

Date of Establishment :        March, 1999
PEC Registration No. :         Consult / 1074

AGES is basically a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa based firm managed by a group of seven qualified and dynamic engineers, all full-time working partners of the firm. Six of the AGES partners are post-graduate in different engineering disciplines with one partner being graduate civil engineer.

AGES has very rapidly gained a unique position in the row of consulting firms for its innovative undertakings in all the engineering disciplines through a dynamic management and an excellent team of professionals.

The skills and efficiency of the engineers are supported by provision of a well-maintained advanced computer oriented system. Availability of latest Pentium computers (Laptops & Desktops), printers and scanners - in addition modern surveying and leveling instruments etc. - have developed this team into a perfect organization that suits the office as well as field requirements of any engineering project.