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From our specific consideration and understanding of the operational and marketing requirements of the changing era, we see our role as making a qualitative contribution through planning, design, project management and supervision.

Experience gained on important works in various fields has enabled AGES to achieve not only engineering skills and knowledge but also sound capabilities in project management and supervision and other allied disciplines.

AGES accordingly offers its potential in all aspects of Consulting Services with the psyche working in the background - when love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. AGES provides consulting services in a no. of areas including Feasibility Studies, Planning, Engineering Design and Economic Appraisal, Construction Management and Supervision of all engineering projects starting from basic infrastructure development schemes to mega construction projects. An overview of AGES Scope of Services is presented as follows.

1. Surveys and Investigations:

o     Reconnaissance Survey
o     Detailed Topographic Survey
o     Traversing and Leveling
o     Contour Mapping
o     GIS and Ortho images
o     Soil Investigation
o     Geotechnical Investigation
o     Surface and Sub-surface Water Investigation

2. Irrigation, Dams and Hydropower:

o     Canal and Drainage Systems
o     Barrages and Dams
o     Land Development
o     Flood Control and Protection works
o     River and Coastal Training Works
o     Large and small Hydropower Schemes
o     On-farm Water Management Systems
o     Salinity Control and Reclamation
o     Hydraulic Structures including Aqueducts, Siphons, Culverts, Cross Regulators, Head Regulators and Outlets

3. Water Supply and Sanitation:

o     Urban and Rural Water Supply Systems
o     Water Treatment Plants
o     Sewerage and Drainage Systems
o     Waste water Collection and Treatment Plants
o     On-site Sanitation Schemes
o     Domestic Water Supply Systems / In-house Plumbing
o     Transmission and Distribution Lines

4. Architecture and Town Planning:

o     Urban Master Planning
o     Residential Colonies
o     Civic Buildings, Apartments and Bungalows
o     Sky-scrapers, Commercial Plazas and Office Buildings
o     Universities and Educational Buildings
o     Industrial Estates and Buildings
o     Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
o     Stadiums and Recreational Buildings
o     Parks and Landscaping
o     Hotels and Tourist Spots

5. Transportation Engineering:

o     Transportation and Traffic Studies
o     Highways and Motorways
o     District and Urban Roads
o     Farm to Market Roads
o     Rural Access Roads
o     Bridges, Causeways, Culverts, Flyovers and Underpasses etc
o     Runways         

6. Environmental Planning and Studies

o     Environmental Impact Assessment
o     Solid Waste Management Systems
o    Air and Water Pollution Studies
o    Industrial Wastewater Treatment

7. GEO / Mining Engineering

o     Tunnels, Adits and Shafts
o     Seismic Tectonics
o     Rock Mechanics
o     Hydro-Geology
o    Rock Foundations     
o    Construction Material Testing     
o    Mineral Exploration and Mining

8. Human Resources Development

o    Training and Capacity Building
o    Community Mobilization and Organization
o    Need Assessment Studies
o    Participatory Rural Appraisal
o    SWOT Analysis

9. Project Management and Construction Supervision

As an integral part of its consulting services AGES provides expertise not only in the field of planning and design but also in Project Management and Construction Supervision. AGES horizon of project management and construction supervision covers all of the following and even more:

o     Urban and rural developments.
o     Transportation, airports, ports, roads and highways.
o     Infrastructure and utilities.
o     Residential, commercial and public buildings.
o     Schools, Colleges and Universities.
o     Irrigation and Hydropower.
o     Water Supply and Sewerage Systems
o     Environmental and sanitary engineering.
o     Hotels and tourists schemes.
o     Surface and Sub-surface Drainage
o     Hospitals and health care services.
o     Military schemes.

10. Contract Documentation & Tendering:

o     AGES team feels at home in the preparation of tender documents and bills of quantities in accordance with       any methodology, terms, conditions, codes and practices that might be stipulated by the Client.

o    Equally, AGES engineers have to their credit extensive experience in preparing, managing and conducting       the tendering stage of  projects so as to include, but not necessarily be limited to pre-qualification of       contractors, tendering and acceptance of tenders etc.