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1. Kenana and Rahad II Irrigation Project Sudan
The project has a gross irrigable area of over 2.5 million acres. The conveyor / feeder canals are approximately 525 and 390 Km in length with a discharge of about 400 cumecs and 370 cumecs respectively, in addition to thousands of kilometers of other canals with discharges ranging upto 120 cumecs. The water source is the Blue Nile, with water stored in and diverted from the Roseires dam. Implemented by Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) Sudan, Lahmeyer International GmBH (Germany) were the Principal Consultants for the project while AGES provided expatriate input in planning, hydraulic / structure design and tender document preparation as sub-consultants.

2. Dams Projects - Sudan
AGES as International Lead firm provided consultancy services to the Dams Implementation Unit (DIU), Ministry of Electricity and Dams, Sudan for the following Dams projects, with lengths of the dams at axis varying from one kilometre to more than 5 kilometres.
    1. Feasibility Study & Detailed Design of New & Rehabilitation Dams (North & South Darfur States Sudan - North Africa)

      New Dams
      1. Um Hajaleej Dam
      2. Golo Dam
      3. Alla Kareem Dam
      4. Shawa Dam
      Rehabilitation Dams
      1. Um Dafug Dam
      2. Shieyrea Dam
      3. Khazan Jadeed Dam
      4. Mellit Dam

    2. Feasibility Study & Detailed Design of New & Rehabilitation Dams (Red Sea and Gadaraf States Sudan - North Africa).

      New Dams
      1. Gadeet Dam
      2. Jubait-al-ashraf Dam
      3. Farasclaib Dam
      4. Higleig Dam
      5. Barbar Dam
      6. Ali Dam & Regulator
      Rehabilitation Dams
      1. Kambo 7 Dam
      2. Al Gilaia Dam
      3. Abu Gloot Dam