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AGES services were hired by a Holland based NGO, Cordaid, for Monitoring and Construction Supervision of Eleven (11) Schools in District Mansehra. The project was implemented under the mandate of Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) that was successfully completed by the troika of AGES, Cordaid and Contractors with the involvement of local communities.

Three of these schools were built in RCC while the remaining in the newly introduced light weight earthquake resistant SCIP (Structure Concrete Insulated Panel) technology that is commonly known as EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrene).

• Government Girls Primary School Tanowha Khanan (RCC)
• Government Primary School Tanowha (RCC)
• Government Primary School Namsehra Kudal (RCC)
• Government Girls Primary School Karori Payeen (EPS)
• Government Primary School Chairan (EPS)
• Government Girls Primary School Kanger Maira (EPS)
• Government Primary School Gojar Perhanna (EPS)
• Government Primary School Shinkiari (EPS)
• Government Boys Primary School Hassa (EPS)
• Government Girls High School Hassa (EPS)
• Hassa Complex (Boys High School + Examination Hall) (EPS).