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The project is located in Malakand Agency and District Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan and implemented by Irrigation Department, KP. The project provides irrigation supplies to about 25,000 acres of land and involves construction of more than 41 km of main canal with about 94 km of network of branch canals in the mountainous terrains. There are 05 Siphons, 03 Tunnels, 12 Aqueducts, 11 super passages, 34 Drainage Troughs and about 750 meters of Conduit.

Special feature of the project is the 6.2 km long Aqueduct. Other aqueducts are about 264 m, 353 m, 980 m and 1,661 m long. While the tunnels are about 390 m, 640 m and 760 m long. The Joint Venture of BAK and AGES has been responsible for rendering the following services.

• Topographic Survey
• Engineering and Revenue Chakbandi
• Detailed Hydraulic and Structure Design
• Preparation of Tender Documents
• Preparation of Construction Drawings
• Construction Supervision of the Project.